About the Restaurant

Locally owned and operated in South Pasadena, Ca. original owners, Anne and Bill Disselhorst opened the doors of Fiore Market Cafe in 2010, creating an atmosphere of community, connection, and great food. Fiore gained popularity by offering amazing sandwiches on fresh bread baked daily along with delicious salads, pastries, beverages, and many house-made ingredients.

In 2022, Linda Grace, local restauranteur and founder of San Marino Cafe and Marketplace in San Marino, Ca. and Piccadilly Grace in San Gabriel, Ca. acquired Fiore Market Cafe. Dedicated to upholding the beloved spirit of community and that small cafe feeling, Grace carried on many of the traditions of Fiore, while adding her own zest to the pot. Committed to growth and adaptability, Grace understands the needs and wants of the extended community and has begun working on the expansion of Fiore Market Cafe all while remaining small and accessible. Implementing a new coffee bar, extending hours, and building on the existing menu are just a few things in the works. In addition to creating comforting food and relaxing atmospheres, making a positive impact in the community and contributing to the greater good is the driving force behind Grace’s restaurant group, which is passionately dedicated to community outreach on many levels. Come by say hi and be part of it all.